The month of Queen of flowers: all you wanted to know about roses! From Shakespeare to Woody Allen.

(A Journey through the world of Roses in cinema, music, art and poetry. Beginning from Monaco Princess Grace’s Roses Garden).

Let’s start from the very beginning. That is: remember the famous Shakespeare’s quote in Romeo love’s declaration under Giuliet’s balcony? He doesn’t related to a whatsoever flower….

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

The great Poet was fully aware that he was speaking about The Queen of flowers. The only one. The best smelling, the most graceful but also the most vulnerable…that’s why it has spines to protect itself…It’s not a case that Rose is also Princesse Grace’s favorite flower. So that in Fontvieille a whole Garden is dedicated to her…the Roses Garden (or Princess Rosetum). In which also a particular unique type is dedicated to Grace (it was the Princess’s favorite one..). So: considered that the month of may is by excellence the month of roses (in onor of Mary and every mother and woman)… here there is a “playlist” of best movies, songs and poetries dedicated to our Flower. And specifically chosen for you:⁃ In poetry…. well, that’s an huge theme! Rose is, by the beginning of time, the flower of lovers. It’s something like, you may say, apple in mythology… the start and the end of everything… so. Our literature is full of sonnets in the name of Rose. Shakespeare (already quoted), is undoubtedly the most famous of a long series. To come until our days, here a piece of famous poetry, which I really love, from Pablo Neruda. “No te amo como si fueras rosa de sal, topacio o flecha de claveles que propagan el fuego, te amo como se aman ciertas cosas oscuras, secretamente, entre la sombra y el alma”.)

– Also, in different novels Rose is often a main character for fiction. Just to name one, it is the best, unforgettable precious friend of the mythical “Little Prince”. A priceless treasure to be protected from storms in that little, far and fabulous lonely Planet…(here is a beautiful quote “It’s the time that you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important “..)

⁃ For music, and our beloved songs…let’s begin from…guess what?“La vie en rose”, the most famous Edith Piaf song. Very french, authentically “parisienne”. It brings you by hand directly in the middle of ‘50 years, walking in place Vendome, or along Champs Elisees, smelling that romantic parfum of “vintage”. Dreaming that world. With a touch of melancholy..;

⁃ Than it’s time for .. Eighties hot rock! Remember Bon Jovi : “Bad of Roses” (oh my God, I still love that theme: “I wanna lay down in bad of roses..all the nights I sleep …” how many reminds.. to say the truth we were in first years of Ninety , (and in these years another Band related to Roses was making every girl crazy for…. I’ m obviously speaking about…the Guns and Roses of course!);

⁃ In art’s famous paintings: rose seems to be one of the favorite flower of Impressionist painters (together with Water-Lily and Iris) … in particular for Renoir. How many canvas painted with such light on the petals, such smooth (yet vivid) colors: they look like they are going to get alive… but also inspired Monet and…..guess who? Yess: Van Gogh. He didn’t paint only his adored sunflowers, or his well known Iris. For her majesty the queen of flowers, which was completely out of his ideal of poverty, humbleness and simplicity, he did an exception…. beauty is beauty!

⁃ Let’s come to the Ninth Muse. The Cinema! Here’s a flash-back from: “American Beauty “ movie….She is blond, young and beautiful, almost naked, laying on a bad of red rose petals… Marilyn ‘s style. A vision. Irresistibile. An unforgettable image of cinema’s world;

⁃ “The war of roses”. Nothing to see with flowers. Which they used to buy (only as a not poisoned gift!) just in the very beginning of their story. Than it came time of war. No space for peace. Fighting till the end, against everything, also sanity…”once upon a time…there was love”. Now: nothing survived us…except the hate. Hate last forever…

⁃ “The name of Rose”… (and his cryptic, ancient latin quote “Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus” which means that we keep only name’s meaning, but not their really substance). This best seller has been a great success for modern Italian literary! Than came also the famous movie (with Shean Connery). They dare to bring on scene an historical thriller about Middle Age and his aristotelian philosophy. From italian Umberto Eco writer omonimous bestseller. An authentic triumph!

⁃ And… finally (last but not the least).. it’s time for Woody Allen. Broadway and Danny Rose. But even better, the unforgettable The Purple Rose of Cairo. A masterpiece for movie’s lovers. If you have no idea of what I’m talking about… than go to see it: is one of “you can’t miss movies” of the last thirty years…

And… with such last ending image, of the girl entering in her beloved movie, kissing her favorite actor…. I leave you. In the name of every , beautiful, smelling Rose!

…And don’ t forget: “Say that with a flower” is a useful truth. But “Say that with a Rose” is the most appreciated gift for a woman. Who is really worth treating as a Princess


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