Keep calm &… sing Buddha Bar! A crowned meditation!

Big. Huge. A real Totem.

Or even much more than that. A Golden, statuary God.

Massive, you may say.

I suppose that, those time, he also read -before everyone other, even the author herself- the best seller “Eat pray love”. That was literally his real life (once upon a time… about two thousand years ago)…except that … He choosed to eat only pure vegan food (and that’s why we always guess where his beautiful, generous belly comes from…).……Now he stays still in front of us. While (less ascetically than him) we are sipping our Red Sunset Cocktail. Imaging that we are standing on the beach with sea waves caressing our foot, and not sitting before a big wodden table…

The underground music (an original Buddha Bar compilation) helps us feeling this way.

“Stillness is the true-key which take you by hand to the heart of everything”. This is Patanjaly quote from ancient “Yoga Sutras”.

(Please: don’t confuse that with the much more known “kama” sutras. – which is perfectly fitted for the purpose, if you think that “cama” means “bed” in spanish.- than you can really say that these Sutras are beautiful “songs” really written in name of the art of loving each other).

But let’s come back to Yoga Sutras. They are not only a sort of ancient gymn postures compilations. They are mainly philosophical thinkings. Wisdom thoughts.

So the idea to devote to Buddha a Lounge/Zen/Asian- oriented Pub and to create an unique music compilation for that topic, was literally a genial “hit”!

Once upon a time.. the first Buddha Bar opened in Paris…It was a great success. Unbelievable…. Than it was time for Monaco. No more great idea could be though! Our Buddha Bar is the Monaco Temple of glamour (for happy hour, party, asian dinner and brunch). But also the Gotha of early sunday morning meditation…(what better place than meditating just in front of Him?) ..and finally… last but not the least..the Top Michelin-four-stars east cousine School! Yes: you understood good! You may also attend interesting, amazing, innovative Sushi class with the most famous chef of the moment: sushi, maki, california o futomaki dishes, whatever you choose.

That’s why you can really affirm that Monaco is an authentically international-oriented Metropoli. Almost as N.Y. , Dubay or L.A.

But is Buddha Bar it’s even better, trust me!


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