The new D&G “cards play” theme for spring line!

Never happen to “give up” some “not-enough cool” date with somebody? That’s to say: did you ever let somebody down…?

In Italy we are “playing cards” lovers, maybe from the time of Middle Age, and (also) a little bit “superstitions” linked … So… maybe we prefer to “do” that (in our language: “give someone a hole”) with a touch of elegance… at least! Why don’t give up something (or letting down somebody!) also adding a touch of glamour?

This is, I suppose, what jumped into mind of Dolce & Gabbana for the new, spring collection!Of course it is! They are authentic Italians, of South (like Versace, Cavalli and many others stylists) . Used to joke with international inspirations and now, (because it’s spring time!) loving make references to the very English world of “Alice In Wonderland”.But what I’m precisely talking about?

Of course…. I’m talking about “cards play theme” new spring line dresses!!! (And, among them: the king of flowers, the queen of hearts ….and the two of spades, which in Italy it’s a funny way to say “to leave somebody”). The new trendy D&G clothes (male and female matching)!

You can find it even in the kids line! (Considered they are used to change their mind with their littles, cute -toddler loves..). So that they can easily play as White Rabbit- Crazy Cat- Hearts Queen and friends in their fantasy Wonderland! Which is no more only Wonderland…from now on it has been turned into “Wonderclothes”. Crazy, colored, not ordinary clothes for everybody… only fir the most fantasy lovers❤️!


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