Beauty Spa & diamonds …are dogs best friends! (in Monaco)

How crazy is the relationship between Montecarlo and dogs!

There is a subtle, unspoken truth that rules dogs and their livings here in this City.

The first: as they are not able (for the moment) to make “that” parfumed (at least could they try a Dior flavored?) .. .dogs are not completely welcomed in “shopping Eden”. Which is not Fifth Avenue, nor Champs Elisee’, but only “Monte-Carlo Pavillons” area, just facing Casino’.

Being that the City is full of little gardens, the majority of which is just situated near Pavillons, you may think that they really take into account animals needing.That is: except that 90% of the glass is “dogs-free” (but not ducks) for a general reason of “security”. Which is: as there are often little (cute!) gardens, already hosting geese, ducks, and (the most nobles, Lord/Ladies) swans, there is no more space for our friends dogs. Nonetheless thinking about partnership, that could mean: garden sharing between the two of them. Too much dangerous for birds security! Involving noise, and killing risks.

So: if you happen to guess why monegasque dogs are used to go (very often) to special beauty Spa (there are a lot of dogs oriented ones) instead that to an ordinary walk…. they have their reasons!

First of all: Monaco is the glitter, sophisticated “Swarowsky” city. Even dogs should enjoy that! It’s a dog’s right. Specially guaranteed by monegasque law.

Second point: it’s like NAILS BAR for their “step-mothers”. Here we are: an authentic monegasque go to Nails Bar as cubans of l’Havana go to La Bodeguita del Medio.

If you dare showing in public bad nails, you will be considered as a “suspected one”.

So, taking a dog to having Spa it’s like, fir a catholic mum, taking their children to Church.

It’s a religion issue!

And, you know, when it comes to Religion, nothing could be said against…


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